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How to get through X-Men Origins

My friends want to go see X-Men at Liberty on Sunday :( I don't know why but for some reason or other they're convinced that they absolutely HAVE to see it.
I've actually already seen it on dvd - and it didn't make me laugh or cry or smile or even puke or gag or anything. Basically no extreme reactions. Actually no reactions at all - well except maybe a yawn or two. And oh yeah - I watched the pirated unedited illegal version - which in itself made it more interesting that the movie by itself is.
Anyway I thought of compiling a list to motivate myself why and how to go through some 2hrs of mutant activity.
Things to do:
  1. Bask in the total hotness of Hugh Jackman
  2. Imagine basking in the total hotness of Taylor Kitsch (Gambit) if only he was given more screen time
  3. Curse Fox for not giving Gambit more screen time
  4. Try to figure out how people who can make optic blasts shooting out from peoples eyes and make metallic claws growing from peoples hands can not make Gambit's eyes red and black.
  5. Be mean and catty and criticize all the poor sods sitting in front (and around) our seats
  6. Try to incorporate real life characters to characters in the movie ("Look men that weird blue woman - doesn't she make you think of XYZ miss"/ "Ohhh look look that leaping fat guy with the claws - he's just like your ex-crush hehehe".) Trust me this is loads fun.
Well that's all I got.
Think that's enough for me to go on a movie lunch with my best mates?...

Hell yeah! Hehe
London,NoMonie,Nilubilu,theMadOoori : I wouldn't miss a good old gossipy girly outing with you guys even if it was the most boring movie yet to be seen!

It turned out they had finished showing X-Men and we ended up watching 'Night at the Museum 2'...We were surrounded by 8 year olds! lol


  1. "that weird blue woman - doesn't she make you think of XYZ miss"

    Yes indeed, ROFL

  2. You just don't get the thing. Your brain is not wired the way you enjoy the nerdytainment :) .

    Hey what did you enjoy? twilight?

  3. @Kusal
    :D reminds u of someone too?

    twilight? um i think not. I like movies like Australia/Little miss sunshine/English patient/Pirates of the Caribbean etc :)

  4. Women and their comments about action movies!

    good god !!! why is that you women always have to be so critical about every aspect about everything ?

    I laugh at Beevis and Butthead, awwe at Holmer simpson's gags, simply marvel at Iron Man's iron suit and wish I had the power of "moth" of X-men if I were to change into a mutant. (moth - a shape shifter only portrayed in the original comics as a mutant who can shift his appearance to anything or anyone)

    Judging by the given list of your favourite movies in your last reply.. I am pretty sure if I were to take you out for a movie on the first date.. it's going to be disaster... ENGLISH Patient ? ... bloody boring.. I fell asleep half the way ! .. Little miss sunshine??? ... didn't get pass quarter mark before I took out the dvd and threw it over my shoulder and never turned back to see where it landed.

    Movies are not REAL ! .. they are suppose to be fiction ! .. that's what the whole concept of movies are suppose to be.

    If you want reality.. get you butt out of that chair and go live in a IDP camp or stab someone and get sentenced to jail for about 3 months. ..... cause reality SUCKS! .. and not worth spending 3 hours looking at reality on screen.

    Films... they have to have Guns, shooting, damsels in distress, crazy sex scenes, underwater kissing, candle light dinners while a sniper taking shots at your ass, bending bullets, flying iron suited people who destroy armored tanks with a 4 inch Chinese dick size rockets, crazy ass weirdo's growing iron claws out of their hands, mind controlling sexy chicks, walking robots from the future, talking chicken, fast cars and even faster women to get boned, psycho jokers with white faces, half burned face men, fat fucking penguins, surfing men made out of silver, men made out of rock in love with a blind yet such a sexy chick.....and SUPERMAN !

    That's what the movies are about... unreal life !

    Women !... you are just incapable of simple pleasure's of life ain't it?

  5. @Nash_Node
    Moth? really? I always wanted to be Jean. Only I never liked her guy Scott that much. lol. Gambit is wayyy cooler.
    Of course I know movies arent for real. Why else would I like Pirates of the Carribean?? I actually LOVE fantasy/sci fi stuff - only X-Men origins was just kind of tame..And they didn't even get the facts right. IMHO the earlier X-Men movies were better...

    Oh and English patient boring?? There's so much passion and feeling in that movie! Even if it borders a little on melodrama.

    Little miss sunshine was sweet! And funny! You have to give it a little time to let it pick its pace.

    Hmm no comments on Australia & Jack Sparrow & Co? :P

  6. @ Niroshinie

    Your answer

  7. i cant believe im siding with u on this, but i actually understand ur feeling towards wolverine.. personally i love the comic book movie genre, and i LOVED all three xmen movies.. wolverine had its moments, but there was 'something' missing.. prob not gnna watch it again in the near future.. oh btw i thought sabretooth/liev schreiber was awesome!!

    but yea, women in general like strange strange movies :D i almost slit my wrists during "the notebook" and thats almost every girls fav movie... :)

  8. @Gehan
    "there was 'something' missing"
    YES! my point exactly. I really enjoyed the Marvel comic when I was in early teens but this movie doesnt have the same 'bite'.

    Well Notebook isn't my fav movie. :D

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පරණ අවුරුද්දේ අන්තිම පැය ටිකනේ දැන් මේ ගෙවෙන්නේ. ඉතින් අන්තිම පොස්ට් එක සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න හිතුනා..
හ්ම්ම්..අද නම් මං අපරාදෙ කියන්නැතිව බහු ජන හිතාය වැඩ ගොඩක් කළා.. ඒ කිව්වේ අවුරුදු කෑමක් හැදුවා - සාලෙ මොප් කළා - පහන පොලිෂ් කළා ...ආ තව අසල්වාසීන්ට කැවිලි පිඟං අරන් ගියා...මගේ කාමරේ අස් කරා (- ඒක ඉතින් බහු ජන නෙවෙයි නෙ - මට විතරයි නෙ :D )

ඉස්සෙල්ලම කියන්නම් හදපු කෑම ගැන - හැදුවෙ බිබික්කම් හෙවත් පොල් කේක් හෙවත් පෝරං ආප්ප (කැමති එකක් කියාගන්න. අම්බලංගොඩ පැත්තෙ බිබික්කං කියනවා, පානදුරේ පෝරං ආප්ප, කොළඹ පොල් කේක් --- හ්ම්ම් පැටලුනාද මන්ද කොහොම හරි මං ඔය පළාත් තුනේම ඒව කියනව. අසන්නෝ සිහි බුද්ධියෙන් අසත්වා )

ඒක හදන්න හරී ලේසියි. අමාරු පොල් ගාන එක විතරයි :) පැණි සීනි ලිප තියලා ඒක පත් පැණි වෙන කොට පොල් සහ කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් දාන්න යි තියෙන්නෙ. හැබැයි පත් පැණි සීන් එක නම් ටිකක් සංකීර්ණ්යි. ඒක බලන්න ගිහින් ඇඟිල්ලත් පිච්චුනා :(
මට මේ පාර කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් හොයාගන්න බැරිඋනා :( අපරාදෙ කියන්න බෑ පුනර්ජීවනයේ නගරයේ නම් කේක් බඩු ගන්න නියම තැනක් තියෙනවා. මැරවින් ගේ අඩවියේ නැද්ද මන්ද.
ඉතින් මං මෝඩය වගේ ඉස්සෙල්ලම පොල් පැණි මි…