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Fun at Work

Just consider this bit of exceptional programming found in the source:

.. blah some breakneck loops and ifs

some very long and elaborate and complex code displaying
the programmer's ability to show everyone else that
he/she canwrite long and elaborate and complex

... blahblah

No points for guessing if the app works properly! And the comment
by some frustrated guy had everyone doubling up :

if(false){//what the f*** is this?!!


Trying to read up on my proposal ...Project Aura

I mean my research proposal of course. *yawn And yes, its tedious. Very. For one thing, I'm not sure what my proposal IS actually. So its hard to do a background survey. And secondly, most papers that I want are IEEE stuff that aren't available free. *Sigh.

However, I found this paper on Pervasive computing that I found v.interesting. Its also v.readable. Basically it's about Project Aura carried out at Carnegie Mellon. And Aura doesn't focus on traditional resources like disk, bandwidth, processor etc. Instead, they say the most critical resource is Human attention. The paper 'Project Aura:Toward Distraction-Free Pervasive Computing' can be found here.

One key concept here is Cyber foraging - which is using remote servers for computation and data staging - by, say mobile devices such as PDAs.
They have embedded several existing components such as Coda & Spectra. Their new component 'Prism' focuses on the 'Human Attention'.

I definitely recomm…

Blogging in සිංහල

I really want to start posting in Sinhala. But it takes me forever to type using the Wijesekara keyboard layout! I noticed quite a few Sinhala bloggers in the lankan blogsphere...Wonder how they do it??
Do all you guys use Ubuntu or something? 'Cause LKLUG keyboard is pretty cool. It's almost 100% phonetic so you don't have to memorize key mappings.
On Windows its another story.

So... I guess I need to either :
a)install Ubuntu, or
b)learn Wijesekara (ugh)

but then again, come to think of it, I do have this transliteration scheme + code I used for stuff at uni. My scheme is roughly phonetic too, so it would be dead easy to type.. Maybe I should write some scripts... Hmm...