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Woke up late on Wednesday morn and was immediately depressed because of the number of lecture notes I had to study before the 4th. At 10 it occurred to my foggy mind that I was due at Queens to lunch with my old school buddies …or was I? Was it Wednesday or Thursday? And was it 12 or 1? Hmm… a phone call to London and her mom assures me (Londonbeing unavailable at the time due to her annual bath) that the date is indeed today and the time is 12 pm. I decide to study a bit more and soon feel disgusted at my lecture notes, which contain gazillion definitions all in the size of micro print. Maybe they forgot to handout microscopes at the lecture.At 11.30, I abandon the heady world of wffs and FOPL and head for Queens. 12.30 – Arrive at Queens. All my friends minus one are already there! Awww its so good to see the gals again! Ooh Mad-Oori is wearing glasses!! Gonsi says she’s supposed to wear specks as well, but she doesn’t. ‘Umm why?’ we ask. ‘It looks so ugly’ comes her intellectual re…

Blogging : Why??

Why do we bother to blog? What is the compelling reason behind it?
Why does someone feel the urge to tell the world what she feels about certain things in life? Why does he/she want to advertise what she did on that rainy afternoon when the electricity was out and dinner was burnt and the dog had run away?
Why? Why? Why?!!
I suppose we're all bit of egotists in a way...assuming that our lives are so important that they need to be documented, remembered(?)
As for me I cant really give a straight answer to why I started blogging - it just occurred to me that it might be a fun thing to do!
However, some people use blogs as a way to keep in touch with their family & friends. You can let your loved ones share your life even if you live thousands of miles apart : these are the personal type of blogs which record the events of the authors life just like a regular diary - well maybe not quite like a regular diary!- after all, who'd like to let their mom know how drunk he got at last ni…


It has forever plauged me how I manage to totally waste time by doing nothing. Yesterday, for instance I was supposed to read at least 2 research papers and finish studying the last lecture note on WASN. But despite the fact I stayed clear of the TV, and Terry Pratchett (I purposely borrowed Dostovsky so that I wont be able to read it in one go) I only finished the lecture note...and zero papers..So wot in the world did i do?? I vaugely remember staring blankly at the lecture note for ages though . Hmmmm....Oh right I did some playing around in Cygwin. But how could that take hours? I only did one small program...??? !
Maybe I was abducted by aliens. That'd explain the time loss. (ha ha)