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Songs that make you wonder

I've been taking long drives a lot lately, and listening to my cousins ipod and one of the things that you can do to fight falling asleep at night when driving is to have long discussions on what the current track means. :D
So the number one song that we've been listening to a lot - and singing along too is American Pie by Don McLean : 'Now for ten years we've been on our own
And moss grows fat on a rollin stone,
But thats not how it used to be.
When the jester sang for the king and queen,
In a coat he borrowed from james dean
And a voice that came from you and me,

Oh, and while the king was looking down,
The jester stole his thorny crown.
The courtroom was adjourned;
No verdict was returned.
And while lennon read a book of marx,
The quartet practiced in the park,
And we sang dirges in the dark
The day the music died.'

The original one - not the poppfiyed one by Maddona. Its a great song to sing along to - that is until you start wondering what the hell he's talking about ..…

Stranded in Melbourne

Flight to Sydney from Melbourne was to be at 8.30 pm yesterday. After a scalding hot day I was really really tired and wanted to get on the plane and be in a nice soft bed in Sydney by 11.Huh so not to be :( See Aussie weather is really freakish. One minute is 40 degrees and then you get flash flooding and storms the next few hours. So the weather god up in Sydney must have thought to have some fun (at our expense) and decided on a storm yesterday night. Which meant that all flights got cancelled. Oh yeah, did I mention that we were flying budget airlines? Which means that if your flight got cancelled - you're screwed. You dont get accommodation or food until the next flight. So yesterday evening, at about 6pm, we walk to the check in counter carrying all these heavy bags - tired, shoulders aching. And theres this looong queue which we join. Then theres this guy from the airline who starts yelling 'Going to Sydney? Going to Sydney? your flight's been cancelled' All arou…