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Twenty-something (quarter life?) crisis

No I dont mean midlife crisis. I mean quarter life.

People talk all the time about their 'midlife crisis'. But when I came across this book I realized there's such a thing as a quarter life crisis as well!

Basically it seems to be a phase that anyone in their early to mid twenties could go through. I guess what happens is this:
You leave school/graduate from uni and suddenly you are out in the world. When you were a student/undergrad somehow life seemed like a fun game that had undo functionality. Plus you could speed it over boring bits like earning money and pick up bonus points just by attending college parties. And you get to complain over everything in the system and dream the big dream of doing things differently when you do it.
Sure you dont really have money but who cares if you've been wearing the same jeans for ages? You're an undergrad/student. You're supposed to look messy. In fact its cool to be messy.

And then suddenly, it all ends. You graduate/leave…