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Music & Personality?

At last! I have had the luxary of staying home on a saturday! No work, no parties, no get togethers, no shopping sprees, no trips, no nothing. Basically I got to just laze around the house today. Like when I was twelve and was having school holidays.
So what does a girl do when she has too much time on her hands?
Well I WOULD love to go bungee jumping but since that would mean stepping outside the house its not a viable option.
Surfing, on the other hand was entirely viable.
Surfing the net i mean.
Anyway after some random sites I landed on some research papers on music and personality. Intrigued? So was I. Still more random clicks and I got to this quiz which promised to give a personality discription based on my musical preferences. Hmmm
I'm basically a Rock music chick. Hate rap. And not that into hip hop. Sooo what does this say about my personality?
Well, according to the site:
I am "Edgy & Aggressive" and also "Fun & Simple"

The Edgy & Aggressive …

January : Red Pill down my throat

January! The whole sound of that month makes me feel as if I'm supposed to be sensible and face the facts.
Something along the lines of "Wake up and smell the coffee"?
December was more like "Stop and smell the roses"
And November? Oh November was .... my sweet sweet November. If I could relive a month I would go back to that last November when everything was beautiful. When I was deliriously happy. When I actually quite literally danced in the rain...

However due to the inefficiency of current quantum physics grad students the world is denied the luxury of time travel.
Thus I am forced to face January. I shall face it but I don't have to enjoy it do I? Well I shan't! And YOU cant make me! So there.
Huh A Rebel without a Pause?(not Cause. Pause)

I wonder if Morpheus offers me a choice of the Red Pill or the Blue Pill what choice I'd make?

Given the choice of :
feeling like Susan in Meet Joe Black and having to tackle a whole year (and possibly an eternity)…

How to fit into your old jeans without starving yourself

Despite the fact that I am now a few extra kilos heavier than when I started uni, I can still quite easily fit into my old denims. Some of them I've been wearing A/Ls? Thats like 5 years!
Since this seems to be an amazing feat when compared with most of my friends, I have decided to take pity on all you poor celluloid battling mortals and instruct you all on the art of not getting fat without starving. or going to a gym.
Basically the key to this methodology is procrastinating. and daydreaming.

When you get up in the morning, what do you do? Do you jump out of the bed ready to tackle the new day?
If you do, DONT!
If you have to get up at 6, set the alarm at 6. Then set a second alarm at 6.30. This will ensure that you get up at 6.30, thus making you 30 minutes late. Also never ever iron your clothes the night before. Leave the ironing till morning.

At about 6.45 you will suddenly realize that you're really really late - again - and you will automatically shift into hyp…