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These bloody southerners...

I went to this salon last weekend - its not a fantastic one in any sense, but quite capable and walking distance from my house.
So I go there, and when I enter, I'm greeted by a tall woman with weird doll eyes. I do a double take and realize to my amusement that she's wearing sky blue contacts.
So anyway, even though I arrived at my appointed time, they have taken another girl in, so I'm asked to wait. OK, fine, so I wait. While I wait, I can't help listening to a hilarious convo between the blue eyed giantess (who owns the salon) and another distinguished lady whose hair is being cut by blue eyes.
Convo starts like this:

distinguished lady - here, what happened to that boy from matara who used to work here darling?

blue eyed giantess - he left ane. without prior notice too.

d.l - tsk tsk... well ane, what can you expect? hes from matara ne.. you can never trust a southerner, I always say

b.e.g - ya ya men. you know what they say - Matarin eha balalek wath genna epalu ne.

d.l - no no darling - Bentara gagin eha.

b.e.g - same thing no men? all bloody swindlers these southerners.

d.l - ya ya. they know how to sweet talk and get their work done.

b.e.g - hmm but you know men, they're not educated neda? ignorant lot them.

Note : this 'educated' giantess has perched a big bronze laughing buddha statue at the counter on a tray overflowing with one rupee coins. If not for the insult to a great spiritual teacher by covering his statue with money in hope that it will bring more customers to her salon, this height of ignorance would actually be side splitting.

At this point I consider interrpting this lovely heartfelt exchange and informing them that I have one foot firmly planted in the deep south - my mother being a full blooded 'bloody southerner'.

It's then that the guy sitting next to me clears his throat.
'Ahem... actually ma'am, I am from the south too - from Ambalangoda.' He says. 'The general's home town' he adds helpfully.

An uncomfortable silence ensues - broken only by a stifled gigle from yours truly.

'Oh' says the d.l a mite disdainfully.

'Oh yes' says the guy. 'Actually I know his family too - look I have his number also'

At which point d.l hastily gets up and explains to the b.e.g that she has to pick up her son from swimming and has to leave ASAP.


But seriously. Sheesh. What's with these people anyway? I know people from the south, west, east and north - and some people are good and others are not so good. People are just people. How can you generalize that people from a certain part of the country are like so? Why do some people always think that they are better than other people?


  1. ignorant people! ( I mean d.l and b.e.g)

    Sadly, they are everywhere :-(

  2. I have a doubt.
    Why you are being silent at that moment? You ought to have been talked something after that guy..

    don't be silent such moments..

    I came here via your comment in LG's blog..

    he he this seems to be a nice blog..

  3. This country is full of bigots like that. Pay no heed to them.

    Good post. :)

  4. @LG - true.. i cant think from where they get these ideas

    well, the guy beat me to it :) and after d.l's hasty retreat, there werent any fun in it. And anyway the fact is no matter what I say to them, they'll always be stuck in their own la la land - so why bother :) thanks on the compliment!

    @Paparé Boy
    yep. bigots are everywhere, but for some reason, this country seems to be having more than its share...

  5. Some ppl... they live in their own little bubble and believes nothing exists beyond it. Best to ignore them he he

    Wishing you all the very best for the season Niroshinie :)

    Have fun and TC

  6. Siri Lankans are like that - a bunch of hypocrites. Papare boy is right, we have loads of them in ole paradise isle.

  7. Stupid Dick Heads..!! ya u r right..! No use of talking with such mental retarded ladies..!

  8. it's almost an untouched complex these chaps have about southerners.

    Take for examples.. I would always say "I am from the south" and people would ask me from "where?" ... "Matara" is my answer.. "OH... really.. where?" is the usual question or "oh.. I see" also happen to come around from people who don't know what to ask next. !

    And here's the fun part.. imagine another says "I am from Kadawatha" .. "where in Kadawatha".... "Imbulgoda" ... for that my usual question is "WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT?"

    That's the usual example I take when talking about this "southern" problem :-) .. the inferiority complex of people :-)

    But then again.. the saying "benthota gagen eha poose patiyek wath genna epa" .. it's true, from which ever the side of the river you are from !

    They don't trust us.. and we don't trust them :-)

    isn't it?

  9. @Nash_Node
    "benthota gagen eha poose patiyek wath genna epa" .. it's true, from which ever the side of the river you are from ! -

    Interesting perspective you have there...Although where does that leave me? half and half? Ahh I guess it just gets canceled out thus making me the perfect being :P


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පරණ අවුරුද්දේ අන්තිම පැය ටිකනේ දැන් මේ ගෙවෙන්නේ. ඉතින් අන්තිම පොස්ට් එක සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න හිතුනා..
හ්ම්ම්..අද නම් මං අපරාදෙ කියන්නැතිව බහු ජන හිතාය වැඩ ගොඩක් කළා.. ඒ කිව්වේ අවුරුදු කෑමක් හැදුවා - සාලෙ මොප් කළා - පහන පොලිෂ් කළා ...ආ තව අසල්වාසීන්ට කැවිලි පිඟං අරන් ගියා...මගේ කාමරේ අස් කරා (- ඒක ඉතින් බහු ජන නෙවෙයි නෙ - මට විතරයි නෙ :D )

ඉස්සෙල්ලම කියන්නම් හදපු කෑම ගැන - හැදුවෙ බිබික්කම් හෙවත් පොල් කේක් හෙවත් පෝරං ආප්ප (කැමති එකක් කියාගන්න. අම්බලංගොඩ පැත්තෙ බිබික්කං කියනවා, පානදුරේ පෝරං ආප්ප, කොළඹ පොල් කේක් --- හ්ම්ම් පැටලුනාද මන්ද කොහොම හරි මං ඔය පළාත් තුනේම ඒව කියනව. අසන්නෝ සිහි බුද්ධියෙන් අසත්වා )

ඒක හදන්න හරී ලේසියි. අමාරු පොල් ගාන එක විතරයි :) පැණි සීනි ලිප තියලා ඒක පත් පැණි වෙන කොට පොල් සහ කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් දාන්න යි තියෙන්නෙ. හැබැයි පත් පැණි සීන් එක නම් ටිකක් සංකීර්ණ්යි. ඒක බලන්න ගිහින් ඇඟිල්ලත් පිච්චුනා :(
මට මේ පාර කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් හොයාගන්න බැරිඋනා :( අපරාදෙ කියන්න බෑ පුනර්ජීවනයේ නගරයේ නම් කේක් බඩු ගන්න නියම තැනක් තියෙනවා. මැරවින් ගේ අඩවියේ නැද්ද මන්ද.
ඉතින් මං මෝඩය වගේ ඉස්සෙල්ලම පොල් පැණි මි…