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Ode to Mundane Life

Do you ever get bored of life? I do! I am.

Boredom is like leech that sucks your lifesap little by little. If I am this bored by 26 I can't imagine how people survive to be 40. Seriously!

Yesterday I was so bored that I tried to find a way to hack Barn Buddy on Facebook. *Sigh. Yes I know it's sad. I really don't understand why Barn Buddy is so popular. You just plant seeds – add manure – and …wait. The only fun thing in the game is you get to steal crops from your friends. There are some pretty hilarious messages some people have set when someone's stealing. Best one I've come across is "Thova kotiyama kapiya"

I guess the sheer number of Barn Buddy players just goes to show you how incredibly bored people are.


Everyday I wake up in the morning -6.30 on weekdays – and go through the same routine.

Work has become a collection of routine tasks:

Log in – check mail – open Ecllipse – check bug list – try to figure out why the damn thing is crashing. Oh and the meetings. Now we have meetings to discuss meetings. O-o

Then go home – eat – maybe watch a movie or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here or some such crap and go to sleep.

Then wake up the next day and it's the same old dance again. And again.

What about all those exciting things that were going to happen to me when I Grew Up?

Personally I blame Disney. You should never let kids watch Disney movies parents! It will give them unrealistic expectations of Life.

"No matter how your heart is grieving – If you keep on believing – the dream that you wish will come true"? Please. According to some random internet searches, Disney is responsible for giving people unrealistic expectations about Love, Men, and Hair.

We need to make kids watch "Rachael Getting Married" instead. It will give them a sense of how utterly mind numbing and boring something can be. Also it will teach them how NOT to wear a sari. "Lost In Translation" is another good movie for kids. Nothing happens in the movie – nothing will happen in life.

If you're reading this and you can't decide if your life is boring or not – OR if you can't figure out exactly HOW boring your life is – visit here. Aint internet a damn good thang?


  1. Good post, make sense to me, as we all are related to these phases of life in somewhere or the other.
    I could be wrong, but here is my two cents:
    1. Happiness has a life span in-between, a beginning of a new hope and the achievement, so don’t blame Disney, as hope is not entirely a bad thing. If you don’t agree with me, try living without any hope for some time and see for yourself.
    2. As Chinese say, enjoy small things in life; because, chances are that nothing big (as we expected) may not happen soon in your life. I n that case, we still have something to enjoy.
    As it may seem as insane, here are some tips to tryout.
    1. If you are a night bird like me and hate to get up in the early morning; set the alarm as usual on weekends and give it a good whack when it stat to ring , before you enjoy the rest of your sleep quota.
    2. Enjoy your food and try something new. A word of caution, don’t get addicted, as it may kill you quicker than smoking. My remedy for that is to eat like a beggar during the week (learned that trick from some un-named French model) before I pig-out in the week-end.
    The point I’m trying to make here is, you have to restrict yourself if you want to enjoy thing which has become regular.

  2. How about "Doing Nothing?"

  3. Suggest doing a hike camp :)

    Or travel somewhere exciting..

    Btw what is this Barn buddy, never heard and must check thta out..

  4. Hahhaha seems not so boring for me!

    You Live an Exciting Life
    You are anything but a bore. You make sure that life is full of excitement.
    You have an adventurous spirit, and you don't like to sit still for too long.

    If you feel like doing something, you don't think about it. You just do it.
    There's no way you could ever live a boring life. There's too much to do and not enough time.

    And about your BB friend, I wonder if he's a mutual friend of us, because I have a friend who had that exact message. LOL, it always made me laugh...

    Another that made me laugh was "Ohe hitu hora kotiya"

    and the best of them all for me was,

    "Ayeth me patthe awith yanna enna honde"


  5. @LazyOwl
    hmm some things to think about to be sure! Love ur tip on the alarm btw

    Doing nothing is boring!!

    hehe Barn buddy is an online game on FB - nothing exciting - but addictive

    Yeah its a small world innit? Prbly a mutual friend...

    Thanks for commenting everyone! And sorry for not updating for so long..things to do you know..

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පරණ අවුරුද්දේ අන්තිම POST එක

පරණ අවුරුද්දේ අන්තිම පැය ටිකනේ දැන් මේ ගෙවෙන්නේ. ඉතින් අන්තිම පොස්ට් එක සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න හිතුනා..
හ්ම්ම්..අද නම් මං අපරාදෙ කියන්නැතිව බහු ජන හිතාය වැඩ ගොඩක් කළා.. ඒ කිව්වේ අවුරුදු කෑමක් හැදුවා - සාලෙ මොප් කළා - පහන පොලිෂ් කළා ...ආ තව අසල්වාසීන්ට කැවිලි පිඟං අරන් ගියා...මගේ කාමරේ අස් කරා (- ඒක ඉතින් බහු ජන නෙවෙයි නෙ - මට විතරයි නෙ :D )

ඉස්සෙල්ලම කියන්නම් හදපු කෑම ගැන - හැදුවෙ බිබික්කම් හෙවත් පොල් කේක් හෙවත් පෝරං ආප්ප (කැමති එකක් කියාගන්න. අම්බලංගොඩ පැත්තෙ බිබික්කං කියනවා, පානදුරේ පෝරං ආප්ප, කොළඹ පොල් කේක් --- හ්ම්ම් පැටලුනාද මන්ද කොහොම හරි මං ඔය පළාත් තුනේම ඒව කියනව. අසන්නෝ සිහි බුද්ධියෙන් අසත්වා )

ඒක හදන්න හරී ලේසියි. අමාරු පොල් ගාන එක විතරයි :) පැණි සීනි ලිප තියලා ඒක පත් පැණි වෙන කොට පොල් සහ කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් දාන්න යි තියෙන්නෙ. හැබැයි පත් පැණි සීන් එක නම් ටිකක් සංකීර්ණ්යි. ඒක බලන්න ගිහින් ඇඟිල්ලත් පිච්චුනා :(
මට මේ පාර කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් හොයාගන්න බැරිඋනා :( අපරාදෙ කියන්න බෑ පුනර්ජීවනයේ නගරයේ නම් කේක් බඩු ගන්න නියම තැනක් තියෙනවා. මැරවින් ගේ අඩවියේ නැද්ද මන්ද.
ඉතින් මං මෝඩය වගේ ඉස්සෙල්ලම පොල් පැණි මි…