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Blogging under your real name...

I blog under my real name. Actually I started by posting as 'Niro' which is what everyone calls me ... Having a 10 letter name tend to do that to you. :) But then there was someone else named 'Niro' on the blog sphere already and to stop confusion I decided to use my actual name.
Lots of people have expressed mild surprise at this though..And looking at several other blogs I realized very few people actually blog under their real name. A friend of mine says using your real name is potentially dangerous. Especially for women since it invites abuse. Like what happened to Kathy Sierra
Others have said that a pseudonym is way cooler than your actual boring real name. Sort of like Clark Kent takes off his glasses and becomes Superman?

Some just feel that its easier to express your opinions hiding under a nickname. I guess this might be true if you're dealing with really controversial topics.

So should I ditch my boring old name and adopt a uber-kool name like ... hmm lets see... something like Nyx or Jade or Midnite or whatever.. ??

Or something soft and dreamy maybe? Crystal? Aurora? Dawn?

Or something sweet and bubbly..Tinkerbell perhaps? maybe Pixie?

How about going techno and posting as CAFE BABE (or maybe not. not everyone knows what it has to do with Java)

The more I think about it, the more confused I get :(
I could go on and on.. Too much imagination and too many choices.

So I guess I'd be marching under my own banner for the time being. And anyway why should I be scared to let others know how I feel?

Here I am. This is me. There's no one else on earth I'd rather be. Not even Nyx. :)


  1. hi,
    I am eranda from
    Followed you from your comment made on my blog,,,
    Its good you use your real name,but there are some people who made it to the very top using a different name.
    Eben Pagen - David DeAngelo
    Elderick Woods - Tiger Woods
    Some Greek Name - Jennifer Anishton
    His First and Middle Name - Tom Cruise
    But who knows "
    Niroshinie" might be the next best thing :-)

  2. Well most bloggers I know that use an alias basically use it so what they say wont come back and bite them in the behind in their personal lives. Which is understandable and ok. I pretty much dont care, nothing to hide and nothing thats really inflammatory to say :) hence the real name. plus i thought itd be too much of hassle to balance the names.

    Ultimately the choice is yours. :) Must admit though Nyx sounds cool.

  3. I'd advise you against using those names... =P
    The uber-cool ones being the exceptions of course! But then using your real name is the bold thing to do...
    Whichever you choose...Good luck! and happy blogging! =D

  4. eranda: really Tiger Woods real name is Elderick? I'd change my name too if I were him! :P

    yeah I like Nyx too. If I were to use a nickname I guess I'd go for that one!

    wow! now theres a noteworthy alias! no? the other choices (Dreamy/Techno/Sweet) arent good? Heh heh!

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  6. Ha ha.. you'd be surprised at the amount of open source advocates on the blogsphere, and that tied up to a bit of java and understanding of free installers out there.. cafebabe will mean something more than a babe in a cafe :)

    Like I've blogged abt it before, it totally depends on the person. I prefer to be anon, coz it gives me the freedom to say stuff without worrying abt the consequences, and more importantly my keep the privacy of my friends too. But, if your an avid reader Colombo is a small place, and your bound to be found out, and connections made. So you can save the stalkers out there some trouble. Trust me there are many :)

    Good luck!

  7. thanks chaarmax! yes i agree that the privacy of friends and other people mentioned in the blog is a factor that we need to consider...I'm still not sure if i'd change the name though. One plus side of using the real name is that I feel more responsible for what i post and i also have to be honest. So..I dont know still undecided :)

  8. You could blog under your real name and keep everything about your private life private. If you're going to put your private life online then you're going to have to take a lot of precautions. Your identity can be exposed by something as simple as an email search on google. And that would pretty much bring down your whole private life crashing down over you. Better stay open and keep your private life private.

  9. thanks john! thats really good advice :)

  10. Guess it depends on the topics you are blogging about , for example if you are blogging frequently about the war it is advisable to blog under an alias , one thing I don't like is blog under a alias an go bashing others , which is common in the blogs about war


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පරණ අවුරුද්දේ අන්තිම POST එක

පරණ අවුරුද්දේ අන්තිම පැය ටිකනේ දැන් මේ ගෙවෙන්නේ. ඉතින් අන්තිම පොස්ට් එක සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න හිතුනා..
හ්ම්ම්..අද නම් මං අපරාදෙ කියන්නැතිව බහු ජන හිතාය වැඩ ගොඩක් කළා.. ඒ කිව්වේ අවුරුදු කෑමක් හැදුවා - සාලෙ මොප් කළා - පහන පොලිෂ් කළා ...ආ තව අසල්වාසීන්ට කැවිලි පිඟං අරන් ගියා...මගේ කාමරේ අස් කරා (- ඒක ඉතින් බහු ජන නෙවෙයි නෙ - මට විතරයි නෙ :D )

ඉස්සෙල්ලම කියන්නම් හදපු කෑම ගැන - හැදුවෙ බිබික්කම් හෙවත් පොල් කේක් හෙවත් පෝරං ආප්ප (කැමති එකක් කියාගන්න. අම්බලංගොඩ පැත්තෙ බිබික්කං කියනවා, පානදුරේ පෝරං ආප්ප, කොළඹ පොල් කේක් --- හ්ම්ම් පැටලුනාද මන්ද කොහොම හරි මං ඔය පළාත් තුනේම ඒව කියනව. අසන්නෝ සිහි බුද්ධියෙන් අසත්වා )

ඒක හදන්න හරී ලේසියි. අමාරු පොල් ගාන එක විතරයි :) පැණි සීනි ලිප තියලා ඒක පත් පැණි වෙන කොට පොල් සහ කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් දාන්න යි තියෙන්නෙ. හැබැයි පත් පැණි සීන් එක නම් ටිකක් සංකීර්ණ්යි. ඒක බලන්න ගිහින් ඇඟිල්ලත් පිච්චුනා :(
මට මේ පාර කැන්ඩීඩ් පීල් හොයාගන්න බැරිඋනා :( අපරාදෙ කියන්න බෑ පුනර්ජීවනයේ නගරයේ නම් කේක් බඩු ගන්න නියම තැනක් තියෙනවා. මැරවින් ගේ අඩවියේ නැද්ද මන්ද.
ඉතින් මං මෝඩය වගේ ඉස්සෙල්ලම පොල් පැණි මි…