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Batista & Kali ...Ew

Yesterday was a complete bore. I tried fiddling with the computer a bit, but my job requires me to fiddle with them damn things for 8 hours per day. So I thought what the hell, its Sunday after all - and turned my attention to tv. Unfortunately brother dear had already seized the throne ; aka in possession of the remote. :( I had no choice but to sit and watch what his highness was watching...And we watched *drumroll*.....
Batista Vs Kali on something called No Mercy. (?)
First there was this huge yucky guy named Kali ( supposedly after the Hindu goddess - but why is a GUY named Kali?? Isnt Kali supposed to be FEMALE? huh ??)
and he was inside a bamboo cage. He was strutting about for a bit and then another guy named Batista showed up. Batista was also yucky but less so because he was less huge and therefore appeared to be at least human and not a long lost brother of Hagrid. Anywayz he was also put in the bamboo cage - um two cages actually. It was a cage inside a cage. So the deal was…

The Earache that was Nadini ...

Yes! She's out! She's out at last! The gal with the flat voice and the fake accent shall cease to be an earache for ever more - well at least until some 'cassette kada karaya' picks her up to produce some kottu roti music.
Ok look Im not a heartless person. Im sure the girl has some talent.I mean yeah I guess she's a better singer than ME. But does she have enough talent to be in that top 5? Erm I think not. Seriously not.
Yes I too received those chain mails claiming to uncover Nadini's conspiracy to win the Super Star title ; that she's bought SIM cards worth 300,000 and how she can divert votes coz she works at Dialog and so on...I dont know about those stories. People wil always say what they want to say and people will always believe the sensational.
What I DO know is that the girl is NOT a singer. I mean wot the hell was she singing on Saturday? Whats with that fake accent anyway? I couldnt even make out some words of the song! And her song on Sunday! A…

Are You a Rain Person?

A convo I had with a friend of mine today triggered me to write this post...I've always been a Rain Person, aka someone who loves rain.
I love watching the rain come down!, walking in the rain, listening to the sound of rain on a stormy night ...But most of all I love to curl up with a hot mug of coffee on a rainy afternoon and sit by my window and just...enjoy the show!!
Anyway today morning was bright and sunny (like in those stupid essays we used to write in 7th grade) and my friend was saying how much she loves sunny days and how much she hates it when it rains!
I was like 'WHAT? how can you not like rain??' (shudder shudder)
This reminds me of some of my other friends who wouldnt put a foot out of the house if its raining. Honestly its just WATER for gods sake!
Am I missing something here???
This brings me to another point: Apparently there are two kinds of people in the office - Those who want ALL the lights on and those who want to stay in the dim forgotten darkness. Som…