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My last week in 2009

Another year gone! Where do the days go huh? Seriously is it just me or does anyone else been subject to extreme time loss as well? Hmm maybe Mulder's conspiracy theory was right all along!

So these are the last few days of 2009... What have I been doing? Hmm lets see...

Week started on Sunday with me and my friends tuning on to the Avatar hype - we really wanted to see it last Sunday but we had to postpone it because we couldn't get tickets on short notice.

Mondaysaw me dragging myself off to work. Really its such a crime when you have to work in the last week of December :( What with the whole festive mood and all. And almost everyone goes on leave that the office is so deserted! Nothing is as depressing during office hours as being surrounded by empty desks and blank screens - serving as constant reminders to you that somewhere, someone is frolicking in the golden sands of Trinco/ living it up in Bangkok/ Sleeping till noon while , YOU are NOT.

On Tuesday I made a startling di…

These bloody southerners...

I went to this salon last weekend - its not a fantastic one in any sense, but quite capable and walking distance from my house.
So I go there, and when I enter, I'm greeted by a tall woman with weird doll eyes. I do a double take and realize to my amusement that she's wearing sky blue contacts.
So anyway, even though I arrived at my appointed time, they have taken another girl in, so I'm asked to wait. OK, fine, so I wait. While I wait, I can't help listening to a hilarious convo between the blue eyed giantess (who owns the salon) and another distinguished lady whose hair is being cut by blue eyes.
Convo starts like this:

distinguished lady - here, what happened to that boy from matara who used to work here darling?

blue eyed giantess - he left ane. without prior notice too.

d.l - tsk tsk... well ane, what can you expect? hes from matara ne.. you can never trust a southerner, I always say

b.e.g - ya ya men. you know what they …

Out of office!

Ahh my much awaited annual leave finally starts today! This is, after all what I've been dreaming of during those lengthy boring meetings.. Incidentally, I've discovered that no one actually listens at these weekly meetings. It seems that everyone has assumed that everyone else was listening – but then, as it turns out, no one has any idea on half the things that were discussed.
Yesterday for instance, we had one – We have to write up a report for these meetings consisting of what we've been upto and as usual, you only remember about the bloody report on the morning of the accursed meeting. And with my usual luck, I had another meeting in the morning, which left me too little time to figure out what everyone in the team had been doing and where all the man hours seem to have disappeared.
11 am : Me counting hours in the backlog
11.30 am: Me counting number of resolved bugs. Usual feeling of 'What? Only this much?'
12 noon: Tummy complains! I race to the lunch room and …