Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not for Sale

My dreams are not for sale
They are not on display
Like cheap celluloid Popsicles
With sugar coated dazzling gods...
They were shaped by love
And hope and hope of love
Of truth and beauty and the beauty of truth
Under uncharted skies
On star sprinkled dusks
Days that were so long ago
On Once Upon Times
When I still believed,
When dreams were not dreams
When anything was possible...

Now the possible is replaced by the probable
Hopes with pure statistics
And innocence has been traded with Common Sense
Because everything must make sense
Accounted for.
And we have to be logical after all.

And yet
By the green of spring
I repeat
My dreams are not for sale.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ode to Mundane Life

Do you ever get bored of life? I do! I am.

Boredom is like leech that sucks your lifesap little by little. If I am this bored by 26 I can't imagine how people survive to be 40. Seriously!

Yesterday I was so bored that I tried to find a way to hack Barn Buddy on Facebook. *Sigh. Yes I know it's sad. I really don't understand why Barn Buddy is so popular. You just plant seeds – add manure – and …wait. The only fun thing in the game is you get to steal crops from your friends. There are some pretty hilarious messages some people have set when someone's stealing. Best one I've come across is "Thova kotiyama kapiya"

I guess the sheer number of Barn Buddy players just goes to show you how incredibly bored people are.


Everyday I wake up in the morning -6.30 on weekdays – and go through the same routine.

Work has become a collection of routine tasks:

Log in – check mail – open Ecllipse – check bug list – try to figure out why the damn thing is crashing. Oh and the meetings. Now we have meetings to discuss meetings. O-o

Then go home – eat – maybe watch a movie or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here or some such crap and go to sleep.

Then wake up the next day and it's the same old dance again. And again.

What about all those exciting things that were going to happen to me when I Grew Up?

Personally I blame Disney. You should never let kids watch Disney movies parents! It will give them unrealistic expectations of Life.

"No matter how your heart is grieving – If you keep on believing – the dream that you wish will come true"? Please. According to some random internet searches, Disney is responsible for giving people unrealistic expectations about Love, Men, and Hair.

We need to make kids watch "Rachael Getting Married" instead. It will give them a sense of how utterly mind numbing and boring something can be. Also it will teach them how NOT to wear a sari. "Lost In Translation" is another good movie for kids. Nothing happens in the movie – nothing will happen in life.

If you're reading this and you can't decide if your life is boring or not – OR if you can't figure out exactly HOW boring your life is – visit here. Aint internet a damn good thang?