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Blogging under your real name...

I blog under my real name. Actually I started by posting as 'Niro' which is what everyone calls me ... Having a 10 letter name tend to do that to you. :) But then there was someone else named 'Niro' on the blog sphere already and to stop confusion I decided to use my actual name.
Lots of people have expressed mild surprise at this though..And looking at several other blogs I realized very few people actually blog under their real name. A friend of mine says using your real name is potentially dangerous. Especially for women since it invites abuse. Like what happened to Kathy Sierra
Others have said that a pseudonym is way cooler than your actual boring real name. Sort of like Clark Kent takes off his glasses and becomes Superman?

Some just feel that its easier to express your opinions hiding under a nickname. I guess this might be true if you're dealing with really controversial topics.

So should I ditch my boring old name and adopt a uber-kool name like ... hmm lets s…