Sunday, December 30, 2007

Of Chopsticks and Laptops

last week I was in HongKong! Well Singapore too, but mostly in HK. And the trip was great! By far my best vacation ever!
Sooo what can I say about HK?..Hmmm its a nice place...The people were friendly and it was soooo chinese!
OK I know HK belongs to China but I guess I was expecting something like Singapore which is very multi cultural. Supposedly it is winter in HK now but the weather never went below 22 - 24 degrees during my stay. Although everyone I saw were wearing jackets and sweaters and stuff..I was like 'Oh come on its not that cold' but later felt too self conscious to parade in the streets without wearing any warm clothes myself.
Ha ha

The food was...erm to be honest I skipped the local cuisine this time. I learned my lesson the last time I went to KL. So it was basically McDonalds and BurgerKing for me..Although I did try these small stuff called Dim Sums - which was OK.
And I can now eat with chopsticks! yay! I achieved this while in Disneyland. Well obviously my chopsticks etiquette isnt anything to talk about, but the important thing is that I can EAT stuff with them. Heh heh
And airline food...hmm the best one was on board Cathay en route to HK which was fish and potatoes with smoked salmon for salad. It was surprisingly yummy!
ooh and I got a new laptop. Am violently in love with it atm! Something so annoying happened while I was shopping for the lap though. This was in SimLim Square (Singapore). I was looking at this hp lap and asked this sales guy if hp has customer support in Sri Lanka. This is how the convo went :
Me : Does HP have customer support in Sri Lanka? Coz Im from Sri Lanka
Sales Guy : I think so. Lets check on their site.
* guy potters about on the net for a while *
Sales Guy : Excuse me, what is the name for india on the net?
Me : Huh??
Sales Guy : Name? last characters? is it 'in'?
Me : Ohh I dont know. Why?
Sales Guy : To check for support in Sri Lanka
Me : Oh then you need 'lk'. Why do you want the Indian site?
Sales Guy : Because India is Sri Lanka
Me : WHAT??? @###%##@

Aaanyway now Im back on my isle and going to work as usual..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Suicide Bomber and I

On Saturday, I saw that grotesque video of the suicide bomb attack in Narahenpita. The sight of the woman's body getting blasted into two separate parts was ... unnerving to say the least. But the part that shook me to the core was that the girl (suicide bomber) was born in '83. Same age as me.
Here was a person who was born in the same year as I. A girl like me. A girl like many of my friends. Correction : A girl who was so like and unlike me at the same time.

What happened to her to make her do what she did?

I am in NO way sympathizing with suicide bombers.

But I cannot help but wonder what happened to the real girl - the one who played with kittens when she was small. The one who danced in front of the mirror when no one was looking. The one who could have grown up into a girl with dreams in her eyes.
But she didnt...