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Henna -ed!!

Ive been hennaed!! as in Henna -ed. Yeah thats Henna. You know that stuff people put in their hair to make it black (or brown). This is what happened:
Yesterday my mummy dearest made me sit down and apply henna on her hair. This has never been tried at home before due to the questionable domestic abilities of her first born. However due to the recent shifting houses thingie we're minus a beauty salon. So ...haha as they said in Oliver Twist, the lot fell on yours truly.
Since we didnt have a hair dye brush in the house, ammi came up with the brainwave of using a toothbrush. So I put 2 packs of henna to a bit of tea and mixed it about, and started applying the muck on ammis hair.
So there I was, happily spreading this brwnish-greenish goo with the toothbrush and not bothering to keep the goo out of my fingers...After all, I reasoned, henna is natural right? So its not like a toxic substance or whatever right? And it will go away right?
And then halfway through, ammi suddenly says '…

7 Things About Me

Thanks to John, I have been forced to write this post...Anyway here goes:
I love daydreaming. When I get bored at the office I look straight ahead of me and stare into the blank wall and pretend that there's a window and I can see a magical kingdom out of that window. There's always pink smoke...Hmm dont know why...I'm a Chocoholic! I love all things chocolate. My fav are chocs with nuts. And Hot chocolate! Yummm...Just imagine drinking a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon...I am addicted to reading. I read and read and read. I cant stop it. I read in my room, in the car, in the bus, in the train, in the garden, at the dining table, in the bathroom, I cant stop!! Help!!I love playing around with ones and zeros aka programming! So I'm really lucky that I get to do that for a living...I hate fake accents.I still have a crush on Fox MulderWhen I make cake I eat the batter. It has different tastes at different stages. Actually I enjoy eating the batter more …