Friday, July 27, 2007

Campus Comedy (Tragedy?)

I love my campus. I love the shady trees that line Reid Avenue and Thurston Road and the pretty yellow flowers that bloom and fall ever so gently on the young lovers who underneath. On early mornings I enter uni through Thurston Road entrance, and walk down the path past the Open Canteen, past the Math department, along the campus grounds, and I have felt the eternal youth that resides in these quarters, of truth and beauty and freedom…

And yet, sometimes I do wonder what is going on inside certain people’s heads. The way these people act is so illogical and perplexing – not to mention disgusting. What am I getting at here? For one thing, I have noticed there seems to be a new breed of male students who have taken up the habit of passing snide comments to their fellow female students (on the way they dress). Yes, I do know that this is common practice in our much ‘cultured’ isle but really, I have spent four years at UOC and no one had anything to say to me inside uni – until these twerps showed up. You’d expect university students to behave with a little more decency than their peers. At least.

Perhaps a psychiatrist would find it rather intriguing that certain half-baked twits in my side of uni go completely overdrive when they see a girl in three-quarter jeans. Hmmm…now why is that?
Could it be that these morons are actually time travelers from another century (rather repressive one at that) who accidentally got swapped because of a disturbance at the quantum level?
Or wait! I’ve got it! They have schizophrenia! Poor souls! They must be hallucinating that the world is about to be taken over by Giant Three Quarter Monsters. Gosh you’d expect they’d be given immediate medical attention!

On a more serious note though, I do actually feel sorry for these twerps. These are the guys who never top their batch, who never understand what the lecture is about. If you ask them what kind of applied research Sri Lanka needs (in their stream), they’d be completely clueless. If you ask what keeps them going, what drives them, what excites them about their field of study; they’d give you a blank stare.

Pointless. Utterly pointless.

Where is their dream? What is their quest?

Surely the reason they came to uni is not to hang around the cafeteria with a bunch of brain dead yes-men and deliver commentaries on the clothes of passing girls? If they have nothing to do, why don’t they do some quiet reading in the library? Or take up a sport? There are such things called libraries and gyms you know!?!

I know a pali slogan: විද්‍යා දදාති විනයං Vidya dadaathi vinayang . I don’t know about the Vidya part, But the vinaya part certainly seems to be zilch at this point in time . . .

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PopCo - Read it!

I recently came across this book 'PopCo' by Scarlett Thomas. Its what is apparently known as 'Mathematical Fiction'. Non-math ppl, don't go away though! Its not technical at all ...It discusses stuff ranging from Cryptography , Reimann Hypothesis and Alan Turing to homeopathic remedies when you're 'feeling like glass' and even a cake recipe for a cake called 'Let them eat cake'!.. This book is loads of fun and can send your imagination overdrive.

I suppose its central character Alice being a sort of geek gal, it would appeal to fellow geeks (like me)!
Apart from being a fun read, it also questions some things that we take for granted today. Like, how much lies are consumers forced to digest by the corporate propaganda.
Certain info on how milk is produced freaked me out totally that I havent been able to drink milk without a guilty conscience for days!

Closing comment from the book : Change the World

Friday, July 6, 2007

Goodbbye to you, my trusted friend . . .

All good things must come to an end. All joyful welcomes must end in tearful adieus.

And so I say goodbye to you, my most trusted and loyal canine friend.

I wish I had talked to you more, given you more hugs, played more silly games … I wish … I wish …

I hope you were brave in the face of death when the time came. I hope that Death’s scythe fell swiftly and caused you no pain.

Were you really happy with us? Was the love and care that we gave you really enough?

I only know that in a treacherous world, your love for me was unquestioning and unconditional, and for that I am thankful forevermore…