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Sinhabahu at Nelum pokuna

The day before yesterday I went to see 'Sinhabahu' at Nelum Pokuna theatre, for the first time. I dont mean first time at Nelum pokuna, (which it also was) rather I meant to say, it was the first time I've ever watched a stage play. So how was it? As Fräulein Maria said, Let's start at the very beginning; which is, a very good place to start.
Tickets The very beginning, in this case is how I bought the tickets for the show. I don't think they really advertised the show. I just saw the posters while passing Nelum pokuna. So, we went inside, and met with this really helpful guy inside who issues tickets. Tickets were priced 3000/= (main) and 1000/= (gallery). The guy was really nice and took us inside to show us the seats so we could select better. We ended up somewhere close to the front, in the middle section where incredibly, three seats were available.
Apparently Nelum pokuna is now a sort of landmark and people just come to see it. I say this because there were l…