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The Last Cricket Worldcup and its fashionable people

Overheard while getting baked in the Colombo sun in the Premadasa stadium yesterday, at the match between SL and Pakistan: 'Machang this is the last world cup in the world huh' 'What?? What the f*** do you mean?' 'No men the world ends in 2012 right, so this is the last world cup before 2012' 'OMG you're right machang!' 'Yeah and if we win the cup this time, we'd be the champs for like - ever right? මේ කල්පේ ඉවර වෙනකන් එතකොට කප් එක අපේ තමයි ' ******************* Also, I managed to put my exceptional (ahem) powers of observation into use and notice the many flamboyant hair styles and headgear among the screaming SL fans. Really guys, you were awesome - I meant the fans of course :D Basically, the hair fashion could be categorized into the following: The Gollywog head
2. The Funky Neon head

3. The Conehead
4. The Octopus head

Well we did not win the match - and it is yet to be seen who will be the champs - as the apocalypse dude put it …

Rain induced ramblings

Where ever I am rain seems to reign. Australia, Malaysia, Lanka - it's all a big dripping slush.

It does not help that leaky roofs seem to follow me around the globe. The residential advisor dude called me from Melbourne to kindly inform me that my room's been sort of flooded due to a leak in the roof. This was followed by some frantic skyping and FBing to my friends who sweetly obliged my requests to move 'non-rain proof' stuff out of my room and sort it all out. To quote one of them 'The therapeutic aroma in ur room currently is awesome' - due to the wet carpet I'm sure.

Anyway the important thing is, I am back :D for a little vacation.

It doesn't seem that I've been away for 10 months... Strange...

I was in transit at Singapore this time - and have to say the rate they charge for international calls is absolute bloody murder! Since my phone was stupid and did not have roaming (!?) had to use my credit card to call home, and upon return fou…