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When life becomes your sweetheart

Sometimes life can get you down. No let me rephrase that. Sometimes life can kick you in the gut, break your nose and then throw you into the sea bound and gagged. That is, after stealing all your money, credit cards, and erasing you from the system - like Angela in the Net.

This is when even an incurable optimist - who would keep watching a crappy movie like 'Rachael getting married' to the end just in the 'hope' that it will get better - begins to doubt if being 'good' is actually worth it.
And then... once in a blue moon, Life actually becomes your sweetheart :) These moments are rare, and yet they define our very existence and all Life's previous infidelities fade in comparison.

No I have not found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Not just yet anyway. :)

But one of my dearest friends have finally found happiness and now I know that it is true what they say - that you can find happiness in the happiness of others. Because when I heard her news, and t…

Cooking apples & small pleasures

Today was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny and just what Spring is supposed to be.
I never fully appreciated my perfect Island weather until I came to this Land down under - and to Melbourne the city of freaky weather no less.
I suppose you never really do miss things until they are gone :)

When people ask me how I'm doing, I know that they usually mean how my studies are going. And yet, I think that the most important thing I have learnt since coming here is... how to cook! :)
Yes I can cook now. I know how to do kiri hodi and parippu and ambul thiyal and thel badum and what not. And surprise surprise - I actually kind of like cooking... If only there was someone else to clean up afterwards *sigh. I do hate cleaning up. Speaking of cooking, how many of you have had Apple curry?

It's just green apples cooked like you cook Ambarella - minus the sugar :) Oh and since I couldn't find good Kan kun, I've substituted Spinach or Silver beet and made the stir fry thing, which actual…