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The heart knows what the heart wants

Cross roads – foot paths – highways.
Decisions. Choices.

Found in an FB status message – ~~When faced with 2 choices, simply flip a coin… because for that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for ~~

The heart knows what the heart wants (also seen somewhere in the omniscient Internet, but I forget where), for after all, as someone quoted to me so many years ago from English Patient- The heart is an organ of fire.

The head makes lists. Plans. Rules.
Sometimes you let your head rule the heart. Sometimes not.

Who knows what deep desires dwell in one’s own heart? A long forgotten childhood memory – a familiar face in a crowd – the glint of an eye – a stranger’s smile.

In a heartbeat the heart overrules the rules.

And then you know.