Sunday, October 26, 2008

Purely selfish reasons to donate blood ...

Yes! I've finally done it!

No, I have not been given a full scholarship to some hoity-toity hi tech university.

And no, I havent won the Nobel prize either.

What?? NO I did NOT get married to a tall dark stranger.

*sigh. The ignorant world has yet to discover and come to terms with my brilliance.

No. What I've done is, finally put on enough weight and enough haemoglobin count to donate blood.
OK so I didn't set the world on fire...but its something I've been wanting to do for quite some time and it feel mighty darn good I can tell you!
Which brings me to the title of this post - of course I can tell you quite frankly that most of my reasons for giving away a pint my blood were quite selfish:

1) Feel good to have done a good deed to help others
2) Gloat over those very able bodied young men (and women) who are afraid of needles and the sight of blood
3) Look pityingly at stick insect-like specimens of humanity who are illegible for donation
4) Being able to tell my mother that I am perfectly healthy, that I am not thin, and I have very red and iron rich blood and that I do NOT need to eat more.


Isn't that a tempting enough list to persuade anyone?

If some of you people out there are thinking of doing this and are a little afraid of the after effects or pain , let me tell you that there's nothing to worry about. You only need to over 50 Kg, and have enough blood count. This they measure by pricking your finger and placing a drop of blood on some kind of blotting paper. If the colour is right they decide you have enough red blood cells and allow you to donate. Oh and you have to have a healthy blood pressure and fill this questionnaire asking you about 100 personal questions like whether you sleep around :P
And then you have to lie down while they insert a large needle to your arm (it doesn't hurt) and draw the blood. You are given a sort of rubber ball to squeeze while the process is taking place. I imagine it makes it easier for the blood to flow. Then after about 10 -15 minutes the pint is filled and you're done! You'll be asked to lie down for a bit and then you get free food :D
And thats it! You might feel a little dizzy but it goes away quickly. The trick is to drink a lot of water I'm told.

So...that's how I donated my blood :) They promised to post my blood type in a month (I still don't know) Let's hope I have some rare exotic type and pleeese not O+ since everyone seems to have it! :D