Thursday, August 28, 2008

To be a Kite..

I wonder what it would be like to be a kite..A kite riding the winds in the August skies. *Sigh*

You could be a really big one with multi coloured tissue paper and a looong flowing tail flying high in the mighty gale at Galle face, or perhaps a sturdy little yellow kite climbing the skies over a village paddy field.

You could be held by an excited little boy flying his first kite, or a seasoned teenager expertly leading you to a 'kite fight'.

You might fly higher and higher and never break your string. Or you might get caught in a strong gust of wind and be bustled away to a strange new land.
Or you might get caught up in the mango tree next door and the evil next door kid will pull you down and feed you to his dog.

Dont YOU ever wonder what it would mean to be a kite? Just think what fun you might have!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My computer makes me stupid?

Once there was a time that I could write up a 300 odd words of decent prose in no time all. Without spell checkers. And grammar checkers. Or auto completion. Or a google search.
Or a keyboard dammit!

Ah me those were the days!
Now I have reached a point that when I start using an actual pen to actually 'write' my fingers feel weird. And when I make a mistake, instead of cheerfully cutting it off and getting on with it, my brain starts screaming CTRL+Z! CTRL+Z!
As if thats not silly enough, just the other day I was adding a new method to this class , REPEAT a NEW method, and I just typed the first few letters and pressed CTRL+SPACE..waiting for Eclipse to do its auto completion for something that was inside my brain.

Oh the horror of it!..

I wonder if all programmers fall to this sorry state...If all computer users for that matter.

Well it stands to reason doesnt it? If you have this wonderful slave who will take care of how to spell 'sacrilegious' and will find out for you what exactly 'obfuscation' means why should you trouble yourself? I mean wheres the logic in that? Just think of all the stuff you could do in that time.
Like, you know post sarcastic and witty comments to your friends photos on FB.
or forward this email that threatens you with ever lasting bad luck if you dont hit forward within 5 seconds.
Or pondering on your reincarnation.

What has happened to my math skills I will not even discuss.

Hmm perhaps this is how computers will take over us. Not on Judgment day with T-1000 s marching on, but with this slow lazy deterioration of our brains...

Friday, August 15, 2008


Since its been a little over than a year since I've first started blogging I feel its high time that I do a little re-decorating.. The old black minima thing felt boring anyway..Soo I'm still playing around with templates (from blogger and other free hacks) and free banners and stuff..So please bear with me for the time being :)
BTW heres a fun site with cool templates that are free to use..