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Moonlight-induced Ravings

Have you ever noticed how bright a full moon can be?
Living in the 21st century means our nights are now soaked in artificial light. I have honestly never noticed the light the moon gives - that is not until recently...
When I switch off the lights in my room, if I draw back the curtains from the windows, I can actually see stuff clear enough to walk about by the light of the moon!
And if I open the windows, I can actually see the moon up in the sky...
And its beautiful beautiful beautiful...
The bit of land next to our house is still vacant. So there arent any god forsaken light bulbs burning up like a bloody pandol to ruin my starry skies yet. Which means I can go out into the garden and stare at the stars - and try to make out the constellations.
No I am not crazy! Its called stargazing. There should be a word called 'moon-gazing' as well!
Is it just me or is it this time of year? Somehow the days seem brighter, the sun seems gentler and everything is just...nice.
No nice is not …


Who shall declare whether it is a pain or a relief to the overcharged heart? The dignity of a crowned queen is capable of utterly dissolving and disappearing in a shower of tears, when Love's burning finger touches the pulse and marks its slow or rapid beatings.

Bug's Life

Friday! Jubilation!
Or not.
Oh yeah I forgot. I have work on Saturday.
Project deadline on 15th.
Wake up. Office. Code code code.
Bugs bugs bugs.
Dont get me wrong, I love my job.
But its when trying to locate some god forsaken bug that refuses to be reproduced on my computer (its malfunctioning on test environment perfectly! huh ) that I feel like throwing up.