Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dark Tower, Null pointers and Other things

I've done it! Ive read my first Dark Tower book! (For those of you ignorant people out there, Im talking about THE Dark Tower series by Stephen King)
I went to the Book fair the day before the last day - loaded of course - on account of the First Salary (gloats at unemployed ppl) and boy was it crowded! It took 5 bloody minutes to walk 5 metres! And they didnt even hand out maps like earlier times :( So we had to wander aimlessly untill the book stall we wanted appeared in our line of sight...
So anyway while walking around in Expographics I came across Stephen King and the Dark Tower series. Having been introduced to Roland the gunslinger and his Tower in Insomnia & Hearts in Atlantis, I was dying to read it. So I bought this one called "The Dark Tower: The Drawing of The Three" which is really cool. Yeah Roland is a cool guy. Intense but cool.
I did NOT make the mistake of buying any programming books or books that are related to computers this time...The two HUGE j2ee books I bought last year are still sitting glumly on my book shelf. Unread. Unopened. Unloved. Unwanted. Well you get the picture...
The next high(low)light of my life was the NullPointer That Refused To Go Away. The weird thing was it came to all three of us doing the damn thing. And no one could find a cause. So much for cause and effect. Finally by some wonderful cosmic insight I deleted the contents of this particular file. I did not delete the file because that gave an error. So I made it zero length (Well no one could explain why its there) and Surprise Surprise... Nullpointer Hath Gone Away!!
My euphoria was short lived however. Well only three days actually. Now I am plagued by The Proxy file That Refuses To be Built.
Oh well ...